“What options do I have if my ring size doesn’t fall within the average sizing?”


Our collections offer a wide range of sizes, however this varies between each brand. If the product is unavailable in the brands standard sizing, we are happy to organise a special order (pricing may vary). Otherwise, our onsite jeweller will be able to offer you a specialised resizing service. For specifications, refer to our sizing chart.


PLEASE NOTE: Not all ring can be resized. The following ring styles are unable to be resized;

Stainless steel 
Tungsten steel 
And some gemstone set rings
    For further enquiries on specific requests, feel free to contact us on

    Phone: +613 9800 5900

    Email : sales@masterjewellersonline.com


    “Can the necklace or bracelet  I’m considering be altered to my size?”

    Please refer to our product description for sizing specifications. We recommend comparing this against a necklace or bracelet you already own. Do this by measuring its length and gauging what your preferred length is in centimetres (cm). Each item is different, therefore enquiries for special lengths can be requested. Each enquiry will be looked at and assessed individually.



    “Does my jewellery come with its own packaging?”


    Yes! All of our jewellery comes with packaging. Branded items will be issued with the packaging provided by the supplier.





    Sterling silver is a precious metal, derived from 92.5% of fine silver and 7.5% alloy. The way to determine and verify if something is sterling silver, is by locating the hallmark 925 on the jewellery item.





    Gold plating is a process of chemically or electrochemically plating a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, usually sterling silver.

    Gold filled is a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to the base of another metal, usually sterling silver. This is a more durable product than gold plating, as it has a much thicker layer of gold on the surface.



    "What are Australian Heritage Coins?"


    These are the pre-decimal Australian coins that were in circulation between 1911-1964. These include pennies, half pennies, florins, shillings, sixpence's and threepence's. 



    "Can I order special years with Von Treskow Heritage Coins?"


    Not all Australian Heritage Coins were minted between 1911 through to 1964. As a general guide most years between 1946-1963 are available, with the exception of certain coins not minted in some cases. For all years between 1911-1945, please email us for your enquiry on availability and cost.



    "What years are Penny Token Coins available in?"


    Penny Token coins are available in all years from 1965 onwards. These coins come in both Silver and Rose Gold finishes. There can be a delays in some cases where the year requested is out of stock, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for these requested coins.