Our Story

Master Jewellers was established in 2003, by two innovative individuals who shared one greater vision. 

Frank is a qualified Jeweller with over 35 years of experience within the jewellery making industry. He has worked alongside various establishments, refining his craftsmanship skills over the years.  Through our concept store, we provide a one-on-one service with our customers to bring all your ideas and designs to life.

Our quality services also include repair work, remodelling and custom designs. We can also use recycled materials from pre-loved items, to create your designs to a high standard of perfection.

Frank and Vicki have created and discovered unique and one of a kind pieces of Jewellery from all around the world.  These adventures have allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of the diversity that exists within their practice.  Meeting many innovative artists that carry skill sets and techniques from generations before them. The beauty of this, is its ability to keep the spirit of their ancestors alive through art. The expression of individuality and sentiment is something that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Our diverse collection includes an extensive range of exotic stones including Kunzite, Tanzanite, Zultanite and many more. Master jewellers also supports local Australian brands such as Von Treskow, Najo & Kirstin Ash.

 Our gallery is open to all, and we’d love you to come and visit us.