Jewellery Care Guide


To prolong the life of your new little treasure, we recommend following the steps below in our care guide. It’s important to store your jewellery out of direct sunlight, preferably in a jewellery box lined with acid-free tissue paper. This will reduce the exposure to dust and moisture within the air.  The following recommendations can be applied to all types of jewellery.

- Clean your jewellery regularly (see material specific instructions below) with a non-abrasive jewellery polishing cloth


- Keep jewellery from being in direct contact with perfume, hairspray, household cleaning products, hand sanitisers, body lotions, chlorine, saltwater and other strong chemical environments that may cause damage to your jewellery


- Remove jewellery when showering, sleeping and exercising to avoid potential damage, especially with sterling sliver as it’s a maleable metal



Over a period of time, sterling silver will naturally oxidise due to its chemical composition. Factors such as humidity, exposure to sunlight, the pH of a persons skin and its level of acidity can also cause sterling silver to tarnish quicker. By cleaning your sterling silver jewellery regularly, it will minimise the effects of natural oxidisation. This can be achieved with a non-abrasive polishing cloth or through a professional polish, for tougher tarnishes. This is a service we provide through our concept store, if required. Please don’t attempt to clean your sterling silver jewellery with household chemicals or polishes.



All natural stones are porous and vary in their level of hardness. Minimal cleaning is required for these pieces. If needed, lukewarm water with a mild soap is most suitable. EXCLUDING heat sensitive stones like opal, amber, fluorite.



Made to be worn often. Can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth or in warm water with a mild soap.



Suitable for everyday wear and won’t tarnish if cared for correctly. These jewellery items can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth or in warm water with a mild soap.



Plated pieces of jewellery should be treated and worn with care. Gold plating is a thin layer of gold, applied to sterling silver and other base metals. We recommend to care for your plated jewellery by avoiding aerosols, perfume, body lotions and other harsh chemicals. It’s also important to minimise  rubbing of the jewellery either against other jewellery, on clothing or other surfaces as it can wear the plating down quicker. If cleaning is needed, warm water with a mild soap is most suitable.



Roman glass jewellery should be worn with care, due to its delicate nature. These historical artefacts come from hot dessert environments and have spent over 2000 years underground. Because they’ve been preserved under a dry climate for such a long period of time, they shouldn’t be exposed to water, aerosols, perfume or body moisturisers. Kept best in a moisture free environment.



WE DON’T RECOMMEND SILVER DIP. This form of cleaning that works by dissolving the silver sulphide, which can damage the surface layer of the silver. Even though these cleaners might give your jewellery a temporary shine, it puts your pieces at risk of damage. Causing them to tarnish much quicker as the outermost surface layer has been broken down from the exposure to these chemicals.

- Our warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear, so please care for your   items correctly to extend the life of your jewellery

- For more specific care instructions, please feel free to contact us online or  come in-store to speak with one of our friendly staff members