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About 50 million years ago, the tree species Pinus succinifera grew in Northern Europe along with other pines that also produced resins that have transformed into Amber.
Amber is nature’s time capsule. This fossilized tree resin contains remnants of life on earth millions of years ago.

Gladiators carried pieces of amber with them, which they believed ensured their victory in battle. And the women of Ancient Rome believed that contact with amber provided a young and fresh appearance.
Due to the presence of succinic acid, Baltic amber acts as a biostimulator. It stimulates the nervous system, regulates the functioning of the kidneys and intestines, has anti-inflammatory properties and cleanses toxins. It is called the stone of life, because it can provide the body with life-giving electrons and negative ions, which increase the body’s ability to self-heal, and it strengthens the body’s immune system.


Width On top : 25mm
Ring size: N (can be adjusted a couple of sizes)
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver