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We are very excited to bring to you this new collection of AUTHENTIC Native American Jewellery.

All pieces are handmade by Native American Silversmiths, each piece is unique and no two will be the same.

This beautiful collection is made by the Navajo Nation and Zuni tribes.

Native Americans stamp their silver a little differently than we are use to seeing. They traditionally stamp their pieces with “sterling” rather than "925".

Artists have their own unique hallmarks which helps authenticate their pieces.

Their silver jewellery is usually finished by oxidising the silver, this gives a wonderful rustic look which also compliments the style and the turquoise used.

A techique often used for cushioning turquiose and give stones more flexibility from cracking or popping is sawdust at the base of the setting, this is commonly used in cuffs and rings. So be wary on adjusting too much.

Jewellery should never be worn whilst showering or washing dishes as it can destroys the inner protective layers.
Also avoid wearing wilst bathing in natural springs & chlorinated pools.

TURQUOISE usually originates from mines in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Please don’t expect perfection as jewellery is handmade in the traditional way, and not mass produced!

The Turquoise is genuine and therefore will contain surface indentations and imperfections.

All Native American pieces come with a certificate of authenticity card specifying name of turqoise, tribe and artist.


BAND WIDTH: 15.5mm


Solid silver 925